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Our Services
The two main categories of services we deliver are Risk Analysis and Expense Management, each of which can be described as follows:
Risk Analysis
These services are applicable to many industry sectors such as insurance, healthcare, real estate, banking & financial services, energy and others. To facilitate decision making regarding assumption and transfer of risk, investing and other strategies, we can provide the following:
  • Model Development – creation of a new or simplification of an existing model (in Microsoft Excel format) that specifies assumptions related to a distinct business proposition, problem or situation and displays anticipated financial flows and potential consequences;
  • Variable Identification – recognition of key variables in the model and any correlation or dependency amongst them, stating their range of possible values within probability distributions and categorizing uncertainties being analyzed;
  • Simulation Analysis – examination of the model by running many iterations and testing scenarios to determine the range and probabilities of all reasonably possible outcomes for the desired results being analyzed; and
  • Results Illustration - displaying key statistics of desired outputs and inputs in user-friendly tables and graphs that can be easily interpreted to facilitate risk decision-making and action plans.
Our Risk Analysis services are delivered in partnership with Palisade Corporation, the maker of the popular risk and decision analysis software @RISK and the DecisionTools® Suite.
To visualize the Risk Analysis services, an initial custom illustration can be made available on a complimentary basis. Subsequent analyses and consultations are billed on an hourly or fixed fee basis typically varying by size of client.
Expense Management
These services are applicable to virtually any type of business. In order to provide business owners a means to achieve significant savings in several categories of their company’s operations, we can facilitate and guide clients through any or all of the following:
  • Office Lease Audits - evaluation of facility, lease-related documents, invoices and other correspondence for accuracy to determine whether fees and payments assessed by the landlord under the lease have been appropriate followed by pursuit of any associated recoveries.
  • Cost Segregation Study - process of identifying, reclassifying and separating out personal property assets from real property assets to shorten depreciation time for tax purposes, thereby increasing current cash flow and reducing income tax obligations.
  • Operating Expense Review – analysis of bills to detect overpayments for (i) Workers' Compensation Insurance, (ii) Utilities, (iii) Telecom, (iv) Merchant Services and (v) Freight & Shipping.
  • Other Services  - including alternative energy solutions, PEOs for HR outsourcing, business funding related to conforming and non-conforming commercial loans and equipment leasing.
Our Expense Management services are delivered in partnership with American Expense (AE) Analytics, one of the nation's leading risk and cost analysis firms.
Fees for Expense Management services are paid on a performance only basis. This is advantageous to clients because cost of service is realized primarily as an offset to savings successfully achieved as a result of the consultation.
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