DAVID KOEGEL ASSOCIATES, INC. - Consultative Financial Intermediaries
Who We Are:
Our company is a Risk Analysis and Product Diversification consultancy based on the belief that we're committed to meeting our customers' needs as they are of utmost importance. As a result, much of our business is from referrals and repeat customers. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service possible.
Our firm is managed by Dave Koegel, a seasoned actuary, risk analyst, product developer and financial transaction intermediary. He has served as a senior executive for reinsurers, reinsurance brokers, insurers, public accounting and advisory rating firms, including National General Holdings, AmTrust Financial Services, the Imagine Group (a reinsurance subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management), Deloitte & Touche, Gill and Roeser, American Re, AIG and ISO. Some of his past clients include Allstate, Dow Chemical/Dorinco Reinsurance and Xerox/Crum & Foster Insurance. Over the last 30+ years, Dave has practiced in the areas of actuarial & financial analysis, transaction facilitation, underwriting, product development, risk management, claims handling and overall quality control. He has consulted with others on four continents and written several articles in the insurance & finance trade press. Dave has a degree in Mathematics and is a credentialed property-casualty actuary and managed healthcare professional.

What We Do:
Our company specializes in Risk Analysis and Product Diversification. All of our services are effectively applicable across multiple industry sectors.

Risk Analysis helps quantify uncertainty, identify potential pitfalls and uncover new opportunities.  Estimating future financial performance can be accomplished using static assumptions or by exploring the spectrum of possible outcomes for a given situation using modeling that is stochastic (based on probability theory) and a technique referred to as "Monte Carlo" simulation. This type of service is especially useful when there are several variables that can affect desired results and the number of 'what if' scenarios required to complete the analysis may be too numerous to perform manually. Included in the Risk Analysis service category are actuarial consultations for pricing new or existing insurance products and statements of actuarial opinion on loss reserves for unpaid claims.

Product Diversification involves any modification of an existing product that serves to expand the potential market for that product. Our approach is to combine risk metrics and innovation to alternatively structure products and/or transactions even when conventional historical data may not exist or be limited in content. As a complement to or independent of utilizing our Risk Analysis capabilities, our Product Diversification services can provide assistance in drafting manuscript coverage language, developing risk sharing arrangements, exploring alternative risk retention & transfer strategies, etc.  Other services we offer in this category include introduction to novel investment opportunities, matching up counter-parties to structured finance transactions and more......
Why Choose David Koegel Associates?
We're a highly qualified and uniquely versatile firm who can help uncover ways to make your business life easier and your financial life better. We're more than just consultants in that we're focused on achieving beneficial outcomes for our clients that are measurable. We can simplify complexities and deliver real benefits on a cost efficient basis. In certain instances, we provide services at no incremental outlay to our customers in such case we're paid only if the client actually executes specified transactions as a result of those services.
Distinctive Offer:
We can provide an abbreviated Risk Analysis on a complimentary basis and Product Diversification may be offered at no up-front cost. 
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