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Our Services
The two main categories of services we deliver are Risk Analysis and Product Diversification, each of which can be described as follows:
Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis may be characterized as a technique to quantify uncertainty by identifying and assessing factors that can affect the success of a project or achieving a goal. Our Risk Analysis services are applicable to many industry sectors such as property-casualty insurance (including actuarial pricing & reserving), healthcare, real estate, banking & financial services, energy and others. To facilitate decision making regarding assumption and transfer of risk, investing and other strategies, we can provide the following:
  • Model Development – create  a new or simplify an existing model (in Microsoft Excel format) that specifies assumptions related to a distinct business proposition, problem or situation and displays anticipated financial flows and potential consequences;
  • Variable Identification – recognize key variables in the model stating their range of possible values within probability distributions and categorizing uncertainties being analyzed with consideration of any quantifiable correlation or dependency among them;
  • Simulation Analysis – examination of the model by running many iterations (using Monte Carlo simulation) and testing scenarios to determine the range and probabilities of all reasonably possible outcomes for the desired results being analyzed as well as illustrating the consequences of different courses of action; and
  • Results Illustration - display key statistics of desired outputs and inputs in user-friendly tables and graphs that can be easily interpreted to facilitate management's risk decision-making and action plans.
To visualize the Risk Analysis service, an initial custom illustration can be made available on a complimentary basis. Subsequent analyses and consultations are billed on an hourly or fixed fee basis typically varying by size of client or transaction.

Our Risk Analysis services are delivered in partnership with Palisade Corporation, the maker of the popular risk and decision analysis software @RISK and the DecisionTools® Suite.
Product Diversification
Product Diversification involves the process of modifying existing product offerings in order to expand the potential market for those products. Our Product Diversification services can be applied to virtually any type of financial services business. We seek to help you leverage your existing product's reputation and development platform to produce and sell a modified version of the product to enhance profitability. We can facilitate accurate targeting and product differentiation by assisting clients through any or all of the following:
  • Coverage Expansion  - create new or modified forms of protection against financial loss arising from unforeseen events even when little or no historical data may be available for the covered exposure due to the newness or uniqueness of the risk being covered;
  • Risk Sharing - configure  structures to share portions of risk in different ways (e.g., reinsurance, profit/loss participation provisions, etc.) seeking to align incentives of counter-parties (e.g., via segregated cell captives, managing producer agreements, etc.);
  • Retention & Transfer - devise strategies & pricing for retaining and/or transferring risk using special purpose insurance or other type entities, the arrangement for which is typically linked to Risk Sharing described above and for which simulation analysis can be applied to illustrate varying impacts in approach; and
  • Investment/Financing - introduce capital sources and structures for private investment or secured financing that can conceivably return significantly more than conventional fixed income or other type investments. 
Product Diversification fees can be structured 
on a contingent basis payable only upon execution of a targeted transaction. Related costs are a relatively small offset to incremental profitability as a result of achieving the targeted diversification.

Potential partners for our Product Diversification service are welcome. Please contact us for further information by phone (516-897-2687) or e-mail (davekoegel@gmail.com).
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